Sunday, June 24, 2012


In a conversation with my nephew, he asked, "Remember when we used to watch the July 4 Fireworks Display from your roof?" I said, "We haven't done that in years." He said, "I was telling the kids about it and how I shimmied up the tree." I asked, "Do kids still climb trees?" He said, "I'm sure mine haven't." He said, "I remember Uncle G shimmying up the tree too." I said, "I don't think Gerald will be showing the GRANDS how to shimmy." [the "GRANDS" refers to the grand nieces and nephews]

The roof is on the porch of the "West Wing" of the house and it was a delightful place to watch the fireworks display.

I said, "We just climbed out the window." He said, "You told me I had to climb the tree." I responded, "Oh, I DID not, I would have been worried about the liability." "He said, "Liability, Schmilability, in those days we didn't worry about anything!"

"Can we come to watch the fireworks display from the roof?", he asked.

Gerald said, "We need to have the roof repaired." I said, "That's a lame excuse; YOU don't have to climb the tree; we can go out through the window."

He said, "No, the roof really does NEED to be repaired; I have the estimate right here."

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Anonymous said...

Remember when Cammy actually HUGGED a tree?