Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Today's urban DICTIONARY gave me a chuckle as I recalled an incident from my family!

One summer evening, years ago, Gerald and I were dressed to go out for the evening and Carol and my brother dropped by for a visit. I was wearing a dress exhibiting decolletage. Carol rushed over to me and, in an exaggerated motion, acted as if she were trying to bring the dress together over my breasts. She said, "Ooooh, you need to cover up." She was wearing shorts. I said, "Carol, I'll make a deal with you; I won't say anything about your ass hanging out of your shorts if you don't say anything about my boobs hanging out!"

October 14: booty hangers

A pair of short shorts that when you wear them your "booty" hangs out of the bottom.
Girl 1: "Wow! Lydia's booty is coming out of the bottom of her shorts!"
Girl 2: "Yeah, she always wears booty hangers."

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