Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Last year I read The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates. I had seen the author Wes Moore interviewed on C-Span's Book Notes. Moore had been a Rhodes Scholar, decorated war veteran, White House Fellow, and is a businessman. The author had seen an article in a local newspaper about another person named Wes Moore and as they had come from the same city and were contemporaneous; he wondered what they might have in common other than their shared name. The OTHER Wes Moore was a convicted murderer serving a life sentence. The author made contact with the other Wes Moore and the result is the book which is a fascinating study.

One of my nephews always asks what interesting books I've recently read. When I told him about The Other Wes Moore, he asked, "Do you know how many Sue Shirkeys are on Facebook?" I said that I had never thought about looking. My nephew said that I should get in contact with the OTHER Sue Shirkeys to see if we had anything in common.

Including myself, there are ten Sue Shirkeys currently on Facebook. I sent messages to the other Sue Shirkeys listed.

I received responses from five other Sue Shirkeys. Only three are REAL Sue Shirkeys, as the others married Shirkeys. All respondents are within five years of my age.

I wrote a BLOG article (7 SUES) about seven Sues in my first grade class and how six of us had to be called by our first name at school instead of our middle name, although we were all called Sue at home. Sue was a very popular middle name in my generation. Thus, I wasn't surprised that several of the Sue Shirkeys with whom I made contact were called Sue and it was also their middle names.

Here are the Facebook Sue Shirkeys:

Sue Shirkey-Knudstrup
Sue Shirkey-Banonis
Sue Shirkey
Sue Kowalczyk-Shirkey
Linda Sue Shirkey
Karen Sue Shirkey
Sue Shirkey (married to Michael J. Shirkey)
Sue Bunker-Shirkey
Shannon Sue Lauber Shirkey

Although our names are interesting, unfortunately, all of us Sues are rather uninteresting!

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Anonymous said...

I know of one that I find very interesting!!
Henry HP Raypole