Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A friend told me yesterday, "You're SO ornery!" WHY would she say that?

Perhaps it was because I'd told her that when I go to any store which has books, I put other books in front of the books I detest. For instance, I was so delighted to be able to put Fifty Shades Of Gray in front of Rick Santorum's latest screed! I enjoyed being able to put Caroline Kennedy's book in front of Bill O'Reilly's insipid book about President Kennedy. It's always particularly satisfying to place something MEANINGFUL in front of loathsome books, but when that's not possible, ANY J.K. Rowling book will suffice, as they are always BIG!

Nearly everyone I know complains about political calls. I relish them, especially from candidates whose views are opposite from my beliefs. I keep the callers on the line just as long as I possibly can. Being a person who makes political calls on a daily basis during campaigns, I know how MANY calls I can make in an hour; thus, if I keep the callers on the line, it prevents their making very many calls. My all-time record of keeping a political caller on the line is 42 (FORTY-TWO!) MINUTES. For some inexplicable reason, before the Primary this year, I received a call from the Newt Gingrich campaign. I said that I was very interested in Mr. Gingrich's position on the TENTH AMENDMENT as I'd heard him speak about how he would defend it. Of course, that caller didn't know what the Hell I was talking about; I was handed over to a Supervisor who also didn't know Gingrich's positions. After talking to three operatives, I was told they would send literature to me. Within a few days, I received a letter from Newt thanking me for my support!

Oh, it's just those small things which give me great pleasure!

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This gave me such a LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!