Monday, October 15, 2012


My brother Duke is a very talented woodworker and I have been the recipient of a great number of his beautiful creations. Of all of the items, my friends were all envious of my sink board which covers my sink to add extra space when we are serving a buffet. I use his rolling pin and cutting board quite often. His candle holders grace our dining room table.

However, the jewelry box he created for me is my favorite; it reminds me of Eero Saarinen designs: modern, functional, yet beautiful. (CLICK HERE to see article about Eero Saarinen)

Today Duke brought a present for me (for no occasion, he just "made" it) and I exclaimed, "I need those!" Gerald asked, "What are they?" I said, "They're bookends."

Duke said, "NO, they're napkin holders." Then I noticed that the two sections were connected by a leather piece. They weren't big enough to hold books (unless it were some very tiny volumes!).

They will certainly grace our Thanksgiving tables.

The wood he used is poplar and the napkin holders have a high, glossy finish with cherry stain to match my dining room. Les asked, "Is that pernambuco wood?" That is our ongoing family joke: pernambuco wood is very scarce and Duke and I want to see pernambuco wood some day! The wood is used primarily to make violin bows (CLICK HERE to see accompanying article).

Les said, "You can call it FAUX PERNAMBUCO!"

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