Sunday, February 21, 2016


I said to my brother, "It's about time we polished the silver."

He began reeling, acting as if he were falling, and in an exaggerated movement, slumped to a chair.

This is his way of being "knocked over by the hint"!  He mopped his brow and said, "Yes, Victoria, there's a lot of tarnish."  The "Victoria" reference is aimed at my use of the "royal WE"!

Yes, I admit that he is the one who polishes the silver and I do not.

As I dislike "hinting" and have written about it previously, I am embarrassed that I was caught hinting, rather than being straightforward and just asking!

Later he felt his skull and said, "We should conduct a CONCUSSION PROTOCOL."  I did not know that reference.  He replied that in pro football when there is a suspected concussion, a protocol is followed to determine the severity of the injury.

My hint obviously warrants a concussion protocol!

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Anonymous said...

I know how you lectured me about hinting and not being "straightforward"; remember? ML