Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Nominalization is a verb or an adjective that has been transmuted into a noun.  Recent cringe-producing examples:

FAIL (as in "an epic fail"),  SOLVE (rather than "solution"),

I was ready to scream the first time I heard "medal" and "parent" used as a verbs but have recently heard "Let's CONFERENCE (rather than "let's confer"), but when I heard "SIGNATURE IT" (what is wrong with just "sign it"?) I nearly gave up all hope for humanity!

Turning nouns into verbs such as "friending", "trending", "texting", and "blogging" was probably inevitable but I reached my irritability point when I heard "evidencing"!  (I guess there is hope because "friending" was just "highlighted" by my Spel-Chek)

Although "finalize" is acceptable, I can recall my teacher Miss Digman criticizing the use by telling us it wasn't a word until "That Eisenhower kept saying it!"

A friend (a NOUN) forwarded the Facebook message to me:

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Anonymous said...

I heard you screaming about went/gone! LOL