Sunday, February 28, 2016


While I was registering at a local office, the supervisor of the Intake Clerk interrupted and gave instructions of how she wanted to have the Intake Clerk train another person.

Although I thought it was unprofessional for her to interrupt the process while I was sitting there, the supervisor was precise and to the point with the clerk.

After the supervisor completed her instructions, she then placed her hand on the Intake Clerk's shoulder and thanked her. I thought that she should have apologized to me for her interrupting.  I noticed the clerk cringe slightly.

After we completed my registration I mentioned the supervisor's touching her and I asked, "Do you find that physical contact offensive or patronizing?" She replied, "Oh, not really, she's very nice." I said, "I thought I saw you cringe." She nodded in what I thought was surprise and agreement. We had a brief discussion about body language and my detecting her barely noticeable cringing.

I said, "Where I worked that would be entirely unacceptable." She answered, "I know she doesn't mean anything by it; it's just her way and she's always very complimentary." I asked, "Does that make you do a better job?" She said, "No, but it's nice to be appreciated." I said, "You should tell her that I commented that it was unprofessional behavior and maybe she'll get the message; it's always better coming from an observant outsider."

In stores, when a clerk answers a phone rather than waiting on me, I mention that the person on the telephone will call back and that I should be waited on first.   They always seem surprised that I complain.

When I told the story at home, Les said, "Or maybe she'll just say a bitch was complaining!"  After Les' warnings to me that I am going to be shot by some crazed person I've confronted, I am trying to be a kinder, gentler person!

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