Monday, February 8, 2016


Today, in the grocery, I could not reach the Real-Lemon which was on the top shelf.  A young couple turned in the aisle and I asked the young man, "Will you help me?"  He immediately handed the bottle to me and I told him and his wife the following story about Vic Cassano:

When I worked at Rockwell, Vic Cassano was a guest speaker at one of our Management Club meetings.  Vic Cassano was known as the "Pizza King".  Cassano told that in his business philosophy there are some magic words and those words are: "Will you help me?" He told how he used the question in all aspects of his business. For instance, if he were in one of the restaurants and he asked one of the cooks that question the answer would be, "Of course, Mr. Cassano." He said that if he asked one of his Managers that the response would be, "Sure, Mr. Cassano, glad to help." He said when he would ask his Board of Directors, they would usually respond, "Maybe, Vic." but he said that sometimes he would have to change it to "ARE you going to help me?" and they would answer, "Of course, Vic."

Since then, I have used Cassano's "magic words" quite often in my life!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, I've been the recipient of your magic words! ML