Monday, February 15, 2016


Today a friend used the word "GRUNTLED";   I had never heard the word used previously.  Of course I should have gleaned that it is the opposite of DISGRUNTLED, but I did not grasp that immediately.  The person had said, "At your house we were gruntled with a great meal and wonderful conversation."  I could sense a nice compliment there but to me "gruntled" sounded the opposite of what it actually means:   GRUNTLED definition:  pleased, satisfied, contented.  transitive verb:  to put in a good humor.

My list of words that do not sound to me what they actually mean includes ENERVATE and PENULTIMATE.  See the list of eleven words from Mental Floss that don't mean what they sound like:

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Anonymous said...

I know you quizzed me on penultimate! ML