Friday, May 27, 2016


My friend Mona Lisa sent this Facebook message to me in response to an article about my having bumper stickers.  I am constantly razzed about my bumper stickers.  My niece calls my car "The Sticker-mobile".  My brother said there are two kinds of people in the world:  those who put bumper stickers on their cars and those who do not.  

When I bought a new car there were bets among family and friends about how long it would take me to have bumper stickers on the new car.  The winner chose:  "Less than a week."  One quipped, "Are you going to peel ones from the old cars?"

The only car I have not adorned with bumper stickers is the Corvette.    I was tempted to have a sticker made proclaiming, "I'd rather be driving my Maserati", which would be a gibe at those vainglorious Corvette owners who place stickers on their other vehicles proclaiming, "I'd rather be driving my Corvette."   See the actual license plate holder which I have but refuse to use on the Corvette.  

My brother said that it was bad enough that I had  bumper stickers on my cars, but that it would be "immoral" to put a bumper sticker on the Corvette.  I shrieked, "Immoral? Perhaps exhibitionist!"  My other brother just chimed in, "No, merely trashy!"

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