Tuesday, May 3, 2016


A friend sent this graphic to me because she's been with me when I have made corrections in public places. 

Of course, it should have "TEACHERS OF ENGLISH", but who am I to quibble? Oh, I almost forgot, the reason she sent it to me is because I am a QUIBBLER (sounds like a Batman antagonist, doesn't it?).

Family and friends know that I do not hesitate to make corrections in public places. Why else would I carry a red pen with me at all times? Gerald says this is the reason some people will not be seen in public with me.

If I see "CONGRADULATIONS" one more time, I'm going to scream.

In a local restaurant which has a chalk board for the daily specials, the word "potato" was spelled "potatoe". Instead of ordering, I asked, "May I have a piece of chalk?" "WHUT?" was the reply from the order-taker. I said, "I want to correct the misspelling on your bill-of-fare." "Isn't that how it's spelled?", was the answer.  I said, "No, you and Dan Quayle should know it's spelled p-o-t-a-t-o!"

At a department store, I went to "will call" to pick up a large item, and I noticed "DO NOT BRAKE" hand-printed on a package. I asked the attendant, whom I gauged to be in her fifties, "Shouldn't that be B-R-E-A-K?" She laughed and said, "Yeah, and the guy who wrote it went to college!" I asked, "Does it mean the package shouldn't be broken open?" She answered, "I don't know; I'll have to ask him." She and I commiserated about the lack of basic education.

I love a restaurant which has a chalk board in the restroom. It cuts down on graffiti, I'm sure.

Someone had written "Jesus Saves"; I couldn't help myself: below it I wrote "Moses Invests" (a little Jewish humor).

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I've been with you when you pulled out a red pen! ML