Sunday, May 22, 2016


Last year I published a BLOG article I DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT DISLIKING DONALD TRUMP (see below) where I referenced his misuse of the phrase "I feel badly";  today my friend Mona Lisa sent a note referencing that article:  "Let's send this to Donald Trump for whom we do not feel bad!" and sent this poem:

                              I DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT DISLIKING DONALD TRUMP
My brother just reminded me of another reason to dislike Donald Trump (as if I needed one). He recalled that when Cyndi Lauper appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, the boorish Trump cavalierly corrected her when she said "I feel bad" when he interrupted her and said, "I feel badly.";  unfortunately, she allowed him to get by with that bullying.  Perhaps Trump wasn't taught grammar when he attended school in the Bronx. 
F.Y.I.,  Donald, BAD is an ADJECTIVE and BADLY is an ADVERB.  Adjectives describe nouns or pronouns, thus, "I" (the pronoun) feel BAD  Adverbs modify VERBS;  e.g.:  "He was BADLY injured."It's difficult to imagine anyone being able to tolerate Trump long enough to watch that show, but like that incident,  I have actually had people--not very subtly--try to correct my usage of "I feel bad" by uttering "I feel badly" shortly thereafter.  It just provided me with an opportunity to tell about Miss Digman, my favorite grammarian, grabbing the hand of a classmate who had said the unpardonable phrase "I feel badly", and her scolding, "You feel BAD unless your fingers aren't working properly."  My brother says that people probably think that saying "badly" sounds better than saying "bad".  Do they also say  or write "I FEEL GLADLY", "I FEEL MADLY", "I FEEL SADLY", OR "I FEEL HAPPILY"?



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WOW! I'm quoted again! ML