Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I usually enjoy being with younger people. A young friend had invited me to have lunch. In the midst of our conversation, he began "texting";  I reprimanded him about his bad manners and he said, "I'm listening!" I said, "No you weren't; you were texting, and trust me, you are not clever enough to multi-task!"

He said, "I was listening; I know what you said!"

I said, "OK, then tell me what I said just before I yelled at you."

He answered, "You said old dog!"

I said, "No, my sentence was that I wouldn't want to be old AND dull!"

I told him that in the future, if he began texting, I would get up and leave, and he could text to his heart's content, but I wouldn't be there.

Hey, that would be one way to get out of my picking up the check.

The last time we were together, he had the phone on his thigh, and he obviously thought that I was either too stupid, unaware, or unobservant not to notice his surreptitious glancing and texting.  I got up and said, "I'm leaving."  

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Anonymous said...

They haven't had any "raisins"! ML