Saturday, May 28, 2016


At lunch yesterday, the group was discussing Memorial Day preparations.

One woman said, "EWWW, I don't like to go to cemeteries."   I found that comment to be rather off-putting, but not surprising, as I have heard similar excuses from numerous people for their not going to cemeteries.

I responded, "How many people do you know who LIKE to go to cemeteries?"  Nearly everyone proclaimed a dislike of cemeteries.

Another person asked me, "Do YOU like to go to cemeteries?"

I responded, "I'm not exactly a taphophile, just more of a respecter."  Another person there, a long-time friend, asked, "TAP-OH-WHAT?"  I answered, "A taphophile is a lover of cemeteries;  it's from the Greek; taph meaning tomb, and phile meaning a fondness of;  thus taphophile."   She said, "Of course you would know the word for it!"

I continued, "Of course I don't like to go when I'm burying someone I love, but I do when I am seeing interesting tombstones and I believe it's our moral obligation to take care of cemeteries."  A person commented that that sounded "rather preachy" of me.

Another person asked, "Have you been to her house?  She has a tombstone rubbing framed on her wall!"

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Anonymous said...

You--preachy? Aha! ML