Sunday, January 15, 2017


I now ask permission to use the actual names of people when I reference them in my BLOG articles. One time I referenced a friend's name and it upset the friend that I had used the real name.  I corrected--by "updating"--and that article is now only seen in the revised form. 

Original articles only go to the e-mails of friends and family; all others who read the BLOG are "Followers" or look at the BLOG whenever they wish, or people who find me from Google

When I told my friend how many people who'd actually seen the original article, she was somewhat relieved.  She asked how I knew and I was able to tell my friend how many "hits" I'd had.  After the first year of blogging, I seldom check to see how many people read my articles.  However, I am still very interested in comments.

One of my brothers said, "Don't use MY name!" Everyone who knows me knows how many brothers I have and I'm asked frequently WHICH one it is WHEN I don't use the real name!

My best friend wrote, "Were you writing about ME?" I answered, "No, you are THE (friend) and all the others called friends are just "A" (friend) and not BEST (friend)!" She answered, "I thought maybe I had developed dementia and forgotten an incident!"


BLOGOSFEAR--THE fear of being talked about or becoming a character in someone's blog.

When he talked to his friend, he was overwhelmed with blogosfear thinking their conversation would be published the next day in her very popular blog.

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