Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Gerald and I usually watch Jeopardy! while eating dinner., but we watch it from a recording because I seldom watch anything LIVE as Les records nearly everything for me to watch at my convenience.  I am inordinately fond of the remote control and fast forward through the commercials.  

Gerald and Les don't like to watch television with me because I am the inveterate CHANNEL SURFER!   If I am watching a program in "real time", I flick to other channels during the commercials.

The URBAN DICTIONARY (see below) posted the phrase "COMMERCIAL GAME" which means the game that they watch during a commercial break in the game they are actually watching.

I don't watch sporting events but like the Commercial Game people, I flick to other channels, so I call it my  COMMERCIAL SHOW rather than COMMERCIAL GAME.

commercial game

The game I watch during a commercial break of the game I'm really watching.
"Yeah, I watched it, but it was my commercial game."

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Anonymous said...

I am alsoone who tapes everything! ML