Saturday, January 7, 2017


I swear that my friend Mona Lisa thinks that Dawn detergent is the answer to everything.  As I have razzed her about her obsession, one of my Christmas presents from her was a bottle of Dawn wrapped in a copy of "28 Uses For Dawn Detergent" she had printed from the internet.  You can download it also or watch the YouTube video here:

I admit that years ago I was impressed when I saw birds being cleansed with Dawn detergent after oil spills, and that a doctor advised cleansing a wound with Dawn, but yesterday Mona Lisa called to tell me that I needed to mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn, 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol with 1/2 gallon warm water and then spread it on my freezing door steps and walkways;  she swears they will not refreeze.  She said, "Think of all the money you'll save on salt and the Dawn won't hurt your concrete".   OK, I'll try it.  

Here are Mona Lisa's faves from the top 28 I shall also try:

1.  Make an ice pack with Dawn.  It supposedly stays much colder than other ice packs, can be refrozen, and conforms to affected areas.  This means that I could discard that bag of frozen, mushy peas.

2.  Put a drop on eyeglass lenses;  supposedly prevents them from fogging.  

3.  Apply as a lubricant to hinges, doorknobs, etc.

4.  Eliminating fleas from pets.

5.  Repelling pests from plants.

6.  Unclogging toilets.

7.  Repel ants;  spray counter tops and cupboards with solution of Dawn and water;  wipe away excess;  soapy residue supposedly kills ants.  If you see ants, just spray them.

8.  She swears that a mixture of 3 drops of Dawn in a gallon of water works better than Windex.

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