Tuesday, January 10, 2017


On Saturday, as I was cooking for the Bread Of Life meal, a man came into the kitchen and asked for me:  "They told me you're the Book Lady;  can you help me find some books for my wife?"

I was able to take a break from the fruit salad I was making at the time and I accompanied him to our little library at The Well.  I asked, "What does your wife like to read?"  He said, emphatically, "She only likes Christian books."  I answered, "We actually have a large selection of those;  do you know any of her favorite authors?"  He answered, "No, just Christian ones." Pointing to the shelves, I said, "You can look at them and see what you think she would like." but he replied, "I can't read very much."  I asked, "Does your wife come here?"  He said, "She can't get out much."

Picking out several books, I said, "A lot of people like Joyce Meyer."  I selected a couple of Meyer's books and then chose ones by Max Lucado, Catherine Marshall, and Frank Peretti, thinking it was an interesting group of authors.   I suggested, "Tell her to make a list and I'll put them aside for her;  will you be here next Saturday?"   He said that he would.

After serving the meal, the man returned to me and he handed a torn-out page from a paperback book and there were four books showing on the paper, with one book circled;  there was a note on the side:  "Got all but 1";  beside the circled one was written "Need" (with "Need" double-underlined).

 Slightly amused, I said, "You know, The Twilight Saga isn't exactly by a Christian writer."  He answered, "She said she'd read the first three and she wanted to finish it."    I said, "Those are by Stephenie Meyer, NOT Joyce Meyer."  He answered, "Yeah, she said you sent the wrong Meyer."

I said, "We need to look in the contemporary fiction;  we have had that series here."  As we looked at the "M" shelf,  there were two of the series, but not the fourth.  I said, "If one comes in, I'll set it aside for her."

Later, in telling  Les about the encounter, he said, "She'll probably want Fifty Shades Of Gray next!"

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