Monday, January 23, 2017


CRINGE articles have been a staple of Sue's News since 2010, when I began the BLOG.

Yesterday, I was "listening in" to a conversation, which obviously was about a female two people knew in common:

#1 person:   "You know Don."
#2 person:   "No, I don't know a Don."
                                                      #1 person:   "You know, she's related to...." and then named another person they also apparently know in common.
                                                      #2 person:  "Oh, you mean DAWN!"
                                                      #1 person:  "That's what I said."
                                                      #3 person:  "No, you said DON!"

They continued with the discussion.  Uncharacteristically, I refrained from commenting but chuckled to myself how many times I've had the same discussion.

Recently an acquaintance said "bot";  I commented, "I can tell you're not from here."  She replied, "How can you tell?"  I said, "You pronounce words differently."  She asked, with obvious incredulity, "Like what?"  I said, "Bought and caught for example."  

She was defensive and said, "I think YOU say words funny too."  As I was not offended that she would think that about me,  I laughed and said, "I know;  I've been trying to escape Fayette County all my life."  After my self-deprecation, she laughed and we had a delightful conversation about differences.  

Her favorite "mispronunciation" (her opinion) by me:  FUTILE.  I maintain that I LIKE my pronunciation;   listen to the "English" pronunciation (favored by me), rather than the "American English" pronunciation (favored by her):

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