Thursday, April 21, 2011


When the nieces and nephews were young, I always made an Easter cake: yellow cake with white frosting and coconut and on the top of the cake, a green-tinted coconut nest with jelly beans in the nest. As they grew older some of the kids started to make fun of the cake and I quit making them.

A few years ago, we had Gerald's poker party on the Saturday before Easter with some of his family and some of mine in attendance. By this time, the nieces and nephews had their own children, so I decided to have an indoor Easter Egg Hunt, a pinata and the usual "Easter Dinner". I saw Gerad's niece's little boy whispering to her and suddenly she asked, "Where's the Dumb-*** Cake with the green coconut and jelly beans?" I answered, "You guys started making fun of it so I quit making it." She said, "But I've been telling my kids about it!" This year, her children are teenagers, and they'll be moving away soon; I'm going to make a Dumb-*** Easter Cake as a surprise.

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Mona Lisa said...

I thought it was a white cake with coconut icing!