Monday, April 11, 2011


This morning, after I had finished bathing, I opened the medicine cabinet to get out the dental floss and threader. In the cabinet, in the glass where I store the floss and threaders, I saw five threaders with the dental floss already threaded. As I am constantly forgetting my glasses and struggle to place the dental floss through the threader, I was touched by such a wonderfully kind act.

When I went downstairs I began singing:

"Throw me a kiss from across the way,
Call me at 6 on the dot,
A line a day when you're far away,
Little things mean a lot."

Of course, Gerald is used to this kind of communication, but was curious to what it pertained. I told him how much I appreciate all the little things he does for me. He asked, "What did I do?" When I told him about the dental floss, he said, "Oh, that'll keep you from yelling at me to get your glasses!"

I remember an episode of "Kate and Allie" that Allie had been swept off her feet by her ex-husband, who was a wealthy doctor and she was considering reconciling with him although he had been a selfish lout when they were married. She had been with the ex-husband for a romantic, weekend getaway, and when she returned home, she was ready to tell her boyfriend Bob that she was going to reconcile with her ex, and she found out that while she'd been away, Bob had changed the oil and detailed her car. She realized that her ex was still the selfish, manipulative person and she decided to stay with Bob.

Once, somebody asked me the secret of a successful marriage and I answered, "He puts gasoline in the car, changes the oil and I never have to worry about a thing!"

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