Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today I called my brother and stated, "When it's time for me to quit driving, please tell me." Earlier, I was in the parking lot at Kroger and I like to park next to the cart corral because I can park very close to the corral which leaves a large space between my car and the one next to me; also, I hate to be far away when it's time to return the cart because my husband is adamant about returning carts!

As I was ready to open my car door, two elderly women were getting into a large car beside me. I waited for them to move and as their car was half-way out of the parking space, I started to open my car door. The car beside me started to pull back in and I closed my door. As the driver pulled out again, she touched the bumper of my car with her car, and it was enough to jar my car. I jumped out of my car and the woman had her car stopped. I looked at my bumper and it had a scuff-mark on it. I went to the car and the woman was crying and she asked, "Are you going to call the police?" I said that I was NOT because I thought my husband could buff the mark. She said she would pay for any damage and was getting into her purse, with her hands trembling. I refused the offer.

I then asked her if she wanted me to back her car out. When I just told my husband about it he laughed uproariously because, I will admit, I am the WORST backer in the world!

Was it my place to tell her she should not be driving? I don't think so, BUT I do want to be told when I should quit driving.

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