Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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At local establishments which have televisions playing, it is alarming to see the number which have the Fox "News" channel playing. Each time, I ask that the channel be changed, with varying results.

I took an elderly friend of mine to a local doctor's office and Fox "News" was playing in the waiting room. When I asked to have the channel changed, the woman at the desk asked why and I told her that it was "offensive"; she answered that it was just "news"; I told her that it was "propaganda"; she said that she couldn't change it. I asked, "Then you're telling me that you have no way to use the remote control?" She looked stunned. I said, "That's what CAN'T means--that you're unable to do it--perhaps you meant to say WON'T!" She did not respond. I asked, haughtily, "To whom do I need to speak to have this offensive noise removed?" She said, whimpering, "Doctor wants it on." I said, "Tell DOCTOR that I want it OFF and does DOCTOR have a name?" [a pet peeve: personnel referring to THE doctor as DOCTOR instead of saying "THE doctor" or "Doctor X] She said she couldn't bother him. I said, "I wonder how DOCTOR is watching television when he's with patients." She didn't respond. I asked, "Then you are not going to change that channel?" She shook her head. I said, "Then I shall wait in my automobile and you can telephone me when he's ready to leave because I SHAN'T stay and listen to that propaganda!" When I went back in, I told the woman at the desk, "He needs his files because we're changing doctors."

At restaurants, the management personnel are usually very cooperative. Recently a friend of mine and I went to a local restaurant that we had been to previously and this time, she went to ask to have it changed! I'm so proud of her! At another restaurant, another friend asked to have the channel changed. I'm so proud of him.

In the 2006 election, a local restaurant had on its billboard a sign welcoming the candidate for Governor who was the opponent of my choice of candidate. This is a restaurant that I frequented at least once a week and had great camaraderie with the owner and staff. Insensed, I went into the restaurant and told the owner that I was very offended that he would have his place of business endorse the candidate. He answered that I could have my candidate come there also. I said, "But are YOU going to invite him and put it on the billboard?" He said, "They asked me if it was OK to have him stop here to meet people." I asked, "And you don't see that as an endorsement?" I said, "I will NEVER come back here and I will boycott you and tell all my family and friends about this." Two days later, I received four $5 gift certificates from him in the mail. [I've been known to comment that we're all whores; we all just have different prices. I guess my price is $20.00 since I went back there again!] In 2008, he told me that he voted for my candidate, and I said, "That's marvelous, especially since you're still registered with the other Party." He winced and asked how I knew. I answered, "I didn't; I just wanted to test you!" (I must say that he has been very generous to all my non-political CAUSES.)

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skymetalsmith said...

Aunt Sue, I have always wanted to buy one of these TV Be Gone remotes just for the reasons in your blog.