Friday, April 8, 2011


I hate to be "set in my ways" but I prefer Pepsodent toothpaste and it's increasingly difficult to find to buy. Our bathroom has an array of toothpaste tubes: Crest original (he doesn't want gel) for Les; gel for Gerald because he's supposed to use gel on his crowns, and my Pepsodent. Les says I like it because of the old commercial about "Suzy Q" for Pepsodent. I've used Pepsodent all my life and I just like the taste better!

Then, there are the mouthwashes: Gerald has one bottle each for AM and PM! I have an old Scope bottle with the screw-on lid because all the new bottles have the squeeze-and-turn lids. I buy a new bottle and pour the contents into the old bottle. [Hey, when I'm half-asleep, I can't be bothered with child-proof stuff.]

I am usually a brand-loyal person and become distraught when my brands are no longer available. I like Del Monte, Joan of Arc, Mike-sell's, Campbell's, Sunbeam, Kitchen-Aid and other products that I hope will not change. When we used to visit my brother Bode in Florida we had to take Aunt Jane's Pickles, Mike-sell's Potato Chips, Nancy Lee Shell-Outs and Malomars, because he couldn't get them in Florida!

When Coca Cola decided to introduce "New Coke" and replace the Classic Coke, I began to stockpile Coke. Two weeks after the announcement I had to travel to California for business. I took a carry-on bag with a change of clothes and toiletries and my suitcase was filled with Coke because I was afraid there wouldn't be Coke available in California. [That decision by Coca Cola is considered to be the Number 1 blunder in business; fortunately, the decision was rescinded.] Everybody knows I'm an addict.

I loved "Opera Creme" cookies and they have not been produced for years. Whenever Gerald and I go to stores like Big Lots and Ollie's, Gerald will say, excitedly, "Look, there's Opera Cremes!" I ALWAYS fall for it and, of course, they aren't there because they are not produced any more, but I react, "Where?" and he has a big laugh!

I fell in love with Tempo paper towels which are to be used in the automobile. They have a nifty holder which attaches to the windshield visor; the towels are larger than a Kleenex and smaller, thicker and softer than paper towels. Because of my fondness for them, I bought sets for family and friends and then, they were no longer available. I called the Company and learned that the product had been discontinued. However, Gerald found refills on E-Bay and bought a case of 240 packages.

My sister-in-law Jean asked for refills for her Christmas present. If you've ever seen the "Seinfeld" episode where Elaine discusses which men are "sponge-worthy" then you'll understand that I must determine which people in my life are "Tempo-worthy" and whether I will share. Les figured that I now have 4 years worth left in my supply if I use one refill per week. Gerald ordered more and Jean was thrilled to receive 40 refills (she must share with her daughters and granddaughters!) as her Christmas present.

Yes, she's "Tempo-worthy"!

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Mona Lisa said...

I didn't know they still made Pepsodent--how about Ipana?