Saturday, June 18, 2011


I started a Facebook account several years ago because a friend suggested it. I quickly grew wearisome because of the kind of postings I saw and I did not participate. Although I had accumulated a number of "friends", I saw little advantage to it. However, in a meeting I attended, someone suggested that we advertise an event "Stuff The Bus" on our Facebook pages. I pooh-poohed the idea but went ahead and posted it on my Facebook account. I was stunned by the number of positive responses I received. Now I advertise all of my fund-raising and political events. I have also re-connected with family, former classmates and co-workers.

Not only do I now have "friends" who are actual family and friends but I also have new friends whom I have never met but share an interest in music, art, literature and politics. I have "friends" from all sides of the political spectrum but I have "blocked" only one because of his racist lies. I am very pleased to participate in "causes" on Facebook: veterans, autism, breast cancer and political causes. The Facebook page FAYETTE COUNTY OHIO DEMOCRATS (go to and click LIKE) was started to accommodate all of our political postings!

At a recent family gathering my husband's niece started to tell me some news about her son and I said that I already knew because I'd seen it on Facebook. At the same function another of my husband's nieces said something about her daughter and I commented that she was "very poetic" and she responded, "I guess I'll have to become her Facebook friend to see what she writes."

I attended a meeting in January and an attendance sheet was passed around; the person sitting beside me said, "I'm your Facebook friend!" While collecting signatures for the SB5 petition recently, a person came and said, "I'm your Facebook friend--I saw this advertised on Facebook!" I had never met either before! Tonight, in a telephone conversation, a friend told me she'd met our mutual "Facebook friend" at a dinner in Hillsboro. Neither she nor I had met him except on Facebook.

Just when I think that "WE" (reasonable, like-minded individuals) are all alone out here, I find succor on Facebook!

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Mona Lisa said...

I'm scared of Facebook!