Sunday, June 12, 2011


When I go into restaurants which have Fox News playing, I always ask for the Manager and quietly ask to have the channel changed. If I am refused I simply inform the manager that I shall not patronize the establishment again and I will also inform my family and friends not to dine there, and then I ask for the telephone number and address of the person to whom the manager reports. This coup de gras usually guarantees that the channel will be changed.

Several times I have been asked why I wanted the channel changed and I always state that it is "offensive" to me. One time, a manager said, "It's just news." to which I responded, "No, it is propaganda and I find it offensive."

Small victories are important in this war on the venom spewed by Fox "News".

I am so pleased to report that several of my friends also challenge to have the channel changed.


Mona Lisa said...

Is this the home of the Whopper?

Ellie said...

"It's propaganda!", said the Hollywood movie lover. Who told you it was propaganda? Whats that? Another news network you say! Fox News is no more propaganda than any other news network, or anything produced in Hollywood. You make yourself look like a complete fool when you call one "propaganda" but not any of the others.