Monday, June 13, 2011


The first time I learned about "curb side offerings" was when my brother and his wife lived in Huber Heights. One time, about thirty years ago, we pulled into their driveway and I noticed a bowling ball and some other items by the curb. I asked why they were there and they said that "someone" would come by and take them. I asked how they knew that and they said that "someone" always did!

After that, I began putting things by our curb and suddenly, they were gone, but we would never see when they were taken. We wondered aloud, "How do they know WHEN we have stuff by the curb?" Gerald, Les and I started taking bets about when the items would be gone. I mentioned it to my nephew Andy and he said, the "Spider People" had a truck and they came through the neighborhood and picked up stuff every day. I asked him why he called them the "Spider People" and he said that they had "webs in their hair"!

One time we saw the "Spider People" stop--and toss whatever item I had by the curb--into an old brown truck. I rushed to get to the truck, but they moved so quickly I was unable to get to them. I asked where the "Spider People" lived and Andy said, "Oh they have a nice house on Elm Street." He asked, "Did you ever read that short story about the guy who lost his job, but he didn't tell his wife and every day he would get dressed in his business attire, go to a public restroom, change into bum's clothing and panhandle?" He asked, "Is that Dickens or Guy de Maupassant?"

Another time, I was able to get to them and I said that I'd be glad to call them when we had stuff. He said they didn't have a phone.

We just wait and bet!

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Mona Lisa said...

"webs in their hair"? Too funny!