Saturday, June 4, 2011


A friend of mine and I were discussing a mutual acquaintance and my friend said, "Now, he's a real gazabo!" His pronunciation was like "GAZE-BOE." As he is one who likes to "test" me; I knew better than to challenge him. I replied, "I've never heard that word; how is it spelled?" He laughed and said, "G-A-Z-A-B-O."

When I went home, I hurried to find the word:

GAZABO: U. S. slang: a man or boy; guy or fellow ( from the Spanish for "a shrewd fellow")

It IS pronounced like GAZE-BOE and also like GUH-ZAY-BOE!

Good for Scrabble!

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Mona Lisa said...

HE is a real gazabo!