Tuesday, March 6, 2012


In re-reading the article "CAVEAT EMPTOR" I thought about how often women--and especially OLD women--are victims of unscrupulous dealers.

In the old days, when buying cars, furniture and appliances, nearly all the sales staffs were male and I would always ask to have a saleswoman, which usually resulted in being told there weren't any saleswomen. I knew that there were plenty of capable women who could sell cars, furniture, and appliances, but those were COMMISSION SALES jobs so men usually had them, while women were assigned to non-commission sales. I was very pleased when I saw that a local car saleswoman was ranked Number One, but unfortunately, it is not a car dealership we would use.

I wouldn't consider making a car purchase without the guidance of my husband or brothers, although I consider myself to be rather wary and would probably not be taken advantage of, but my brothers and husband are just smarter than I am about SOME things! I asked Norman to go with me to choose Gerald's camera, because I am abysmally ignorant about it.

I went to Sears to buy a tool for work and I told the salesman exactly what I wanted and the salesman asked, "Does your husband want metric?"

I said, "My husband doesn't want anything; the tool is for me." He said, "Wow, that's amazing; I haven't met any women who know about tools." I said, "NOW you've met one!"

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't recognize metric if it walked up and licked me in the face!