Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My client and I love Eggs Benedict and he was lamenting that there was no place around to get them. I told him that I had had them at Bob Evans and although they were no longer on the menu, one could tell the waitress and she would tell the cook and he would prepare them.

Shortly after that conversation, he learned that someone who came to the house in a professional capacity had been a Manager at Bob Evans. He told her that he and I were going to go there to have Eggs Benedict; she informed him that Bob Evans didn't carry English muffins, let alone make Eggs Benedict! He did not have the opportunity to tell me about the exchange.

However, the following day, when I walked through the door, I was introduced to the person and she said, "I've been looking forward to meeting you." I said, "That's nice to hear", foolishly assuming that she'd heard nice things about me. Obviously, I was blindsided. She then said, with some hauteur, "I thought you'd like to know that Bob Evans doesn't make Eggs Benedict." Immediately insulted, I said, "Funny thing--I just had Eggs Benedict there last week." She continued, condescendingly, "They don't even have English muffins." I countered, "Funny thing, my Eggs Benedict were properly made on English muffins." Undaunted, she continued, "I know better, I was a Manager there." I said, "And I know EVEN better, because I ATE them there last week!"

I could tell that she was unaccustomed to being corrected, but I was highly offended and shocked by her unprofessional behavior and arrogance. I asked, "So how much money do you have with you?" She asked, "What does that mean?" I said, "It means that is how much I'm willing to BET you that I'm right!"

She left in a huff.

What kind of person tries to attack another person about something as innocuous as whether Bob Evans makes Eggs Benedict? The person was at the residence in a professional capacity and yet launched into her silly diatribe. Why did she feel the need to make a big display of her supposed knowledge about something which had absolutely nothing to do with her professional capacity? And what was her motive in desiring to demean a complete stranger?

Today, we went to Bob Evans and had Eggs Benedict. We asked our waitress if she remembered the former Manager and she agreed that she did. My client told her the story of the former manager. Gerald took a picture of my client, the waitress, and the Eggs Benedict.

When we returned to his home, he immediately called to tell her about his Eggs Benedict; she wasn't there but he left a message for her to return his call. I was glad that he was offended on my behalf. He said, "She needs to know she shouldn't lie."

I answered, "What she did was even worse than a lie--she acted as if I didn't know what I was talking about!"


Anonymous said...

This is one of your best--Eggland's Best! This is egg-xactly what the old BIDDY deserved! The Yolk is on her! Stop me before I commit a worse pun!

Anonymous said...

This woman must be delusional. I am a manager for Bob Evans, I've been with the company 11 years at three different locations in two states, and in each one we have had english muffins and the ability to make eggs benedict. Although, what you have pictured here isn't a true eggs benedict; that is the spinach, bacon, and tomato country benedict that is made with a biscuit rather than an english muffin.

Sue's News said...

Thank you for your comment. However, it did have an English muffin. On the original menu, which was discontinued, they offered 3 varities of "Country Benedicts" and as I make Eggs Benedict at home, I know the difference, but the Country Benedict at Bob Evans was quite tasty!