Saturday, March 31, 2012


A wife came home late at night and quietly opened the door to her bedroom.

From under the blanket she saw four legs instead of two. She reached for a baseball bat and started hitting the blanket as hard as she could. Once she was done, she went to the kitchen. As she entered, she saw her husband there, reading a magazine. "Hi Darling," he said, "Your parents made a surprise visit and since they were so tired, so l let them stay in our bedroom. Did you say hello to them?”

A friend sent that cute story to me. I am reminded of this true story: a husband was away on business. A friend of the couple was stranded and the wife went to pick him up to stay at their home. He slept on the couch. The next morning, a neighbor, knowing that the husband was out of town, came to check on the well-being of the family. The wife was in the bathroom. The friend, dressed in the husband's pajamas, thought nothing about answering the door when the neighbor came.

The neighbor saw this innocent situation, but imagined something entirely different. The rumor mill flourished. This couple endured years of whispers, gossip, and innuendo. But because of trust, the couple survived.

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Anonymous said...

Evil people always believe the worst!