Thursday, March 22, 2012



Our #2 granddaughter, Kallie, 4 years old, but sooooooooooooo smart, was at our house Thursday night with her family. We were making dinner, and Kallie was really, really fading. She needed a “Power Nap” before dinner, but did not want to give in to it. The problem was that “Bear” had been left at her house. When she gets sleepy, she needs “Bear” and her thumb, and then everything goes according to plan. We knew we had big problems without “Bear”. She agreed to lay down for a few minutes on MiMi’s bed with her Momma. In desperation, Momma had gone downstairs and had found MiMi’s Cleveland Browns stuffed bear, which is always hidden in a sacred place away from the grandchildren. After a few minutes, Momma came out and said “She wants YOU to lay with her.” I figured this would be a piece of cake. We laid there quietly a few minutes, and I asked if she wanted to hear a story. This 99 1/2% Always Sweet Child said, “NO!” I continued, "Do you want me to rub your back?” "NO!” She informed me she wished everyone would leave the house and leave her in there by herself. I told her we couldn’t do that because we had nowhere else to go. Finally, I handed her my beloved Cleveland Browns stuffed bear and asked her gently if she wanted to hold him. Without hesitation, this normally charming, sweet, child flung the bear across the room, and said “I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP WITH SOMEONE I DON’T KNOW!”

......... may you always feel that way, Kal Kal.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Kal Kal, ALWAYS believe that way!