Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I said that my friend's lips were "pooching out" and my ever-chary friend exclaimed, "WHAT--pooching?" "Now, THAT can't be a real word!"
I answered, "My mother always used it; all of us use it." I said, "I'll have to check my Thesaures Norman, Duke and Les." I thought that maybe "pooching" was one of my mother's made-up words like "briggety"!

All of the brothers agreed with the usage of "pooching"!

Since my friend is so smart, I decided I'd better check the OED! Guess what? POOCHING is a perfectly good Anglo-Saxon word and it's not even slang! (NOTE: while writing this, Spell Check denies it, but dammit, I KNOW it's a word!)

POOCHING: present participle of "pooch":
to bulge, protrude or cause to protrude. Used with "out".
Example: "his lower lip pooched out in disappointment."

Les just yelled at me: "Do you know what a pooch punt is in football?" (No, of course, I DON'T!)

POOCH PUNT: "A kick used by punters when the team is too far out for a field goal and too close to kick a normal punt."

Yes, we learn something new every day and yes, my dear friend I used "EVER-CHARY" to describe YOU (who does not want her name mentioned!)

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Anonymous said...

And you knew very well, dear friend, that I would not know CHARY!