Monday, March 19, 2012


My elderly client recently lost his beloved wife of sixty-two years. Yesterday, he answered his telephone and the voice on the other end identified himself as his grandson and the caller said that he was in Mexico and that he was in trouble and that he needed money sent right away. My client told him that he was sorry but he didn't have any money he could send. The caller then asked if he could put the money on a credit card. My client told the caller that he did not use credit cards.

When my client hung up, he began crying and said that he was so sorry but he just couldn't send the money to his grandson.

I told him that it was a scam and that an elderly female friend of mine had gotten the same kind of call from her supposed grandson and unfortunately, she had sent money, only to learn later that she had been duped.

My client became very upset and said, "I know my grandson's voice!" I suggested calling the grandson on his cell phone. My client kept insisting that he knew it was his grandson because it sounded exactly like him and he asked how would somebody else know that he was his grandson. I said, "It's because your grandson's name was listed in the obituary and he lives a great distance away and they pick out people that way!" I continued and told him that the scam-artists prey on grief-stricken people with home invasions and ruses such as this one.

Fortunately, when the client's son arrived, he called his son and learned that he would be arriving soon at the grandfather's house.

There should be a special place in Hell for people who would take advantage of grief-stricken elderly people.

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Anonymous said...

the special place in hell is the west island of montreal.

thats were all the scammer wrk from.

often times in there homes.
then go out in their fancy cars.

thats what it is !