Saturday, April 27, 2013


Les and I have been holding ourselves laughing about the ex-cop who burglarized his ex-wife's house and took her Victoria's Secret "lingerie" and the value was supposedly $300.00.

Les said, "With the cost of it, that was probably four pieces."

Recently, I told this story to an acquaintance and she said, "I've never heard THAT pronunciation before." I said, "Well, it IS a French word." At least she didn't pronounce it after me to let me know she thought I had mispronounced it!

Listen to the correct pronunciation:

lan--zhuh--ree (French)

lahn--zhuh--ray (American)

With the French pronunciation, the "rie" in lingerie definitely rhymes with "see".

Les says, "You have to French-i-fy everything." I can't help that I am a Francophile!


How to pronounce lingerie in French with audio, no lingerie is not 'lon/ju/ray' in French.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I listened, but dammit, I have to roll my tongue around in my mouth to say it! It looks perverted! ML