Sunday, April 7, 2013


I received yet another reprehensible document vilifying the President (see below where ONE honorable person retracted the LIE). The screed FALSELY claimed that when SSgt. Salvatore Giunta received the Congressional Medal Of Honor, his family was forced to sit in the third row while members of Congress were front and center. This story, making the internet rounds, is completely FALSE! Sadly, I received the shameful story from two different people.

I replied to both of the most recent rants and I provided proof that the messages were LIES! I asked the people who forwarded the loathsome messages to have enough character and courage to send the proof to all of the people to whom they had forwarded the LIES. What do I think of the possibility of that happening? Not one of these people has ever written back to me to apologize for their other LIES, so I doubt they will be retracting the current LIE.

One friend told me that I could use NICER words instread of calling them LIARS! I answered that I didn't believe in euphemisms and if people had such disrespect to forward such trash, they should have the word LIE capitalized and not use the tame term "falsehood." Not only are they LIES, they are goddamned LIES!

I oftentimes wonder HOW I can actually KNOW mendacious people like this who could forward such invective without verifying the source! Are they so desperate to believe WHAT they want to believe that they will sacrifice all their MORALS and send the detestable LIES? Friends tell me that they just DELETE such offensive messages, and that I should ignore them as the senders are trying to "get to" me, but I cannot ignore them!

WHY do people continue to fabricate, falsify, and forward LIES about our President? Why don't they recognize the EVIL they are transmitting? What reason could there possibly be for people to resort to such calumny? Hmmmm? I think I know. These bigots wrap themselves in the flag and tell LIES because they are too cowardly to admit that their fury is because the President's mother was white and his father was black. I can respect people with differing views about the President's policies. In fact, I have disagreed with the President. I have no respect for people who forward LIES about him.

I laugh out loud at those who grandly proclaim it's about the "deficit" while hiding behind their cloak of prejudice. I always ask them, "Why didn't you send me stuff attacking his predecessor when he was creating all these problems?"

Their vituperation cannot be because of the President's policies because he's spent all of his time cleaning up the mess that was left to him.

As much as I disliked the Messrs Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, I NEVER forwarded any LIES about them. Just telling the truth about them was damning enough! I never had to resort to the tactics of these ignoble people.

It has been correctly pointed out to me that the content of this video is false (see comment from Michelle). I tracked down the video from the actual presentation, and SSGT Guinta's family are clearly in the front row. CLICK HERE to see the story and video.

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Anonymous said...

It is difficult for me to understand all the hatred; I hear it on a daily basis at the Center and I don't have your sass, courage, or guts (whatever word applies) and I don;t confront the bigots! ML