Thursday, May 9, 2013


Les and Gerald repeatedly ridicule me because I will say that I didn't get something, or do something, because I would need to go "clear across town" to do it. Les will emphasize the "clear": "Poor thing--she has to go CLEAR across town!"

If I'm at Kroger, I don't want to make a trip to the bank the same day! Yes, it's only 2.8 miles, but it takes at least 7 minutes!

I never used to think about the price of gasoline or about the time it took to do things, but now I think about both! I used to just "hop" in the car and GO, GO, GO! I can't believe I used to LIKE to "shop"; now it's a "dreaded job"!

I dislike it when I hear people blame their behavior on being, or getting, "old", but I guess I'm also turning into a crotchety "old" person!

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Anonymous said...

"Growing old ain't for
sissies."--Bette Davis

from ML