Friday, May 24, 2013


When an item is donated to our local Goodwill store and it isn't able to be identified, it's turned over to me to see if I can solve the mystery and identify the function of the item.

With my crew of "experts" (husband, brothers, friends), the items are usually identified but recently there have been a couple of items which nobody in my group of associates can offer a guess, let alone identify.

See pictures of some of the "mystery items":

# 1 It's obviously a measuring device; but for WHAT?

# 2 This chrome object has a top which unscrews to reveal a small space, holes in the top that something attaches to, and the bottom part twirls around; for WHAT is it used?

# 3 Obviously something goes into the holders, but WHAT?

# 4 This item has a label affixed; I looked on the internet and the manufacturing company is still in business; I sent a picture and asked if they would identify it!

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Anonymous said...

I know Number 3: it's a chalk holder that music teachers used to mark the board. ML