Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Yesterday, at lunch with a friend, I told her that I'd heard we were supposed to have two new restaurants in Washington Court House: a Japanese one at the old Oscar's location and an Italian one beside the Goodwill store.

She asked, "Did you just say EYE-TALIAN?"

I said, "Oh, Hell, no, and if I ever do, I want you to shoot me!"

She said that she pronounces it EYE-TALIAN!

I said, "I'm afraid if I'd ever heard you say that, I would have asked you if you were from EYE-taly!"

She said others had corrected her.

I said, "I've written about that and other pet peeves on my BLOG under the CRINGE columns!"

There is a third restaurant opening named ALBERT'S CUISINE. Les laughed and said, " They're trying to French-ify the name to make it special; I dare you to go in and ask to meet AL-BEAR!" You know that I shall!

These CRINGE-worthy additions are spelling errors a friend saw at work:

APPOINTNENT (for appointment)
REFERALL (for referral)
SALSBURY (for Salisbury)
AULDI (for Aldi)
WEEK (for weak)
DELICOUSE (for delicious)
DISCOLORD (for discolored)
TATERS (I guess that's for potatoes)

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you what terrible LUCK you have in the people you meet? ML