Monday, May 6, 2013


Les asked, "Remember Dan Imel?" I hadn't thought about him in years. Imel was a newscaster on WBNS Channel 10; he was the first host of Chiller Theater and High Road To Adventure, for which he won 2 Emmys. Dan's passion in life was travel and he started his own travel agency in Columbus.

One day in the 1970s, Gerald and I were Christmas shopping at Lazarus Downtown and Gerald said, "There's Dan Imel." Striding toward us was Dan Imel and he looked very dapper, wearing a Chesterfield overcoat and he was short! Gerald said, "Hi Dan", as if they were old friends. Dan offered his hand and as they were shaking hands, Dan acted as if we were old friends and asked, "It's good to see you; how are you doing?" I was taken aback by his friendliness and I said, "We're just up here from Washington Court House Christmas shopping." He said that he always saw the signs for Washington Court House on his way to Cincinnati. I told him he should stop sometime although it wouldn't be a high road to adventure. He laughed at the reference to his television program. He complimented me on my perfume and asked the name and said he'd like to buy some for his wife. We exchanged a few more pleasantries and he thanked us and left.

Dan Imel was a "minor" celebrity but it was pleasant that he was exceptionally nice.

Because of Les' asking, I "Googled" Dan Imel and I learned of his death in 2012. His obituary stated that he spent his life doing what he loved: traveling the world and enjoying his family.

CLICK HERE to see his obituary.

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I loved Dan Imel! ML