Friday, May 31, 2013


After reading the article "GAVOTTE", about Carly Simon's song You're So Vain, my brother commented, "Did you notice in the lyrics that it was scarflette when she sings "His scarflette was apricot"?" I said, "I'm sure the lyrics show it as scarf." He said, "Look at MetroLyrics." (CLICK HERE to see the lyrics)

I checked MetroLyrics and all of the other sites showing the lyrics and all had it as "his scarf it was apricot". Only MetroLyrics showed "his scarflette was apricot".

My brother said, "It would be so appropriate for her to use scarflette, because he would be wearing a little scarf."

In checking Google, I learned that the word scarflette is not found in any dictionary although there are numerous pictures of scarflettes. (See) As it is a non-existent word, there is no pronunciation given, but we decided we liked "scarf-lette" rather than "scarf-let", although it would have been impossible for Carly to have said "scarf-lette" in the timing of the song, and in listening carefully to the song, it sounds like "his SCARF was apricot." We like SCARFLETTE!

I asked, "Do you realize we have just spent half an hour discussing whether she used scarf or scarflette!" Obviously we are detail-oriented.

I just checked sheet music sites and the sheet music shows it as "scarf"!

Les, ever acerbic, said, "Maybe you'll just have to call your friend Carly to verify!"

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You are STILL my "liberal education"! ML