Thursday, May 30, 2013


My Red Hat Ladies group went to Fusion, the Japanese Steak House, in Grove City. Before going, as I was checking to get a map, I read the restaurant reviews and the overwhelming majority of the 23 comments were negative. Among the criticisms were:

"awful, awful, AWFUL!"
"adult Chuckie Cheese"
"obnoxious music"
"tacky and classless"
"horrible service"

I suspected that the few favorable ones had been posted by the restaurant's management as self-defense.

One of our group had been there previously and exclaimed about how fantastic it was. I told Les, "I'll make up my own mind." She also mentioned that the lunch portions were small.

The restaurant lived up to its BAD reputation. As I had heard that the lunch portions were small, I decided to order an appetizer. I had eaten guoza(left) and negamaki (below)at other Japanese restaurants and as I like to try new items, I chose "Lava Bites", which was advertised as crab in tempura batter and deep fried. It was limp and soggy and very unsatisfying. I ordered the Hibachi lunch which included salad, soup, noodles or rice, and a vegetable and 2-meat main course.

The soup was warm (not hot), watery stock, with 3 paper-thin slices of mushrooms, and some chives floating in the liquid. I tossed my noodles into the soup. The salad consisted of all spines of Iceberg lettuce with nothing else in it except a ginger dressing. The shrimp, scallops, and vegetables of the main course were too salty, probably because mine was cooked last and it had all the soy sauce residue from the grill!

The music blaring from the loud speakers was a gangnam style and very annoying.

The "chef" was not as "entertaining" as ones I've seen in other Japanese Steak houses. At least he knew the difference between sashimi and sushi. (CLICK HERE to see the article Sushi vs. Sashimi)I asked him to explain the difference, because in the drive from Washington Court House, I had explained the difference but I thought some of my "Ladies" in the car pool doubted my knowledge! I'm glad I hadn't mentioned nigiri and maki.

The only GOOD thing: they serve Coca Cola products!

I won't be going back there, but I'm not mean enough to post my review on their internet page.

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Only YOU would mention the Coca-Cola! ML