Saturday, May 11, 2013


I seldom read The Reader's Digest but when I would pick up a copy in a doctor's waiting room, I always enjoyed the section Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

My mother used to say that she couldn't stand to be around old people because all they did was talk about their illnesses. I might discuss a health problem with my husband or brothers, but with anybody else, I always say: "I'm fine."

We were brought up to be deniers. I called my mother "Cleopatra--the Queen of DA-NILE (DENIAL)!" I can recall when my mother was lying in bed after her knee replacement surgery and the Home Health nurse came to pay a visit. My mother was very depressed (although she denied it) and the nurse, Hannah, asked, "How are you, Mrs. Shirkey?", and I could see my mother, wincing in pain, answer, "I'm fine, how are you; why are you here?"

After my accident, Gerald had to bathe me daily. We would stand in the shower and I would hold onto the bar as he would bathe me. I was in tremendous pain, but one morning, I looked down at my soapy body and I had never seen so much lather in my life. I started giggling and heaving, but Gerald thought I was crying out in pain. "Sweetheart, are you OK?", he asked. I said, "I'm fine; I look like the Abominable Snowman!"

"I'm fine" and humor have gotten me through some difficult times in life!

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Anonymous said...

So, are you telling me that all those times you told me that you're fine, you're not? ML