Thursday, January 9, 2014



I must confess I have been keeping a long-hidden secret from you. I thought it was over until I saw a picture of him in today’s paper. The old palpitations and goose bumps started once again. Yes, I was a full-fledged Herb Alpert fan and followed him wherever he was. I bought every album, joined the fan club, met him and got his autograph. Elvis didn’t know about my other love.

Did you have a back-up to Elvis? No one is really a back-up because Elvis was on a much higher human level. Don’t say Bob Dylan, or I’ll gag. I mean a handsome back-up.


I bought some Tupelo honey for Gerald; it's his favorite and I can only find it locally at an "Amish" store. I love the song Tupelo Honey which was written and performed by Van Morrison. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Van Morrison but my favorite version of Tupelo Honey is by Richie Havens.

As I was getting ingredients ready to prepare baked parsnips, I asked Les, "Will you get down the honey?" as it is on a shelf too high for me to reach. Les handed it to me and started to sing A Taste Of Honey. I screaked, "Patty just wrote to me how she adored Herb Alpert." Les answered, "I just saw a thing about him in the Sunday paper."

Thus began an afternoon of Alpert-mania (listen here for A Taste Of Honey).

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Did you see the movie? ML