Saturday, January 18, 2014


Before the end of last year, Gerald and I went for our six-month dental appointment to take advantage of our dental insurance for 2013. I had my implants cleaned and also had a cancer screening. I didn't need to see the dentist but Dr. Shue usually stops by to chat for a minute but didn't this time; I assumed he was too busy to chat. Gerald had cleaning, cancer screening, and the dentist needed to check his crowns.

Sitting at the desk, making appointments, I asked Gerald, "How is Dr. Shue?" Gerald said that he saw another dentist. I said to the billing person, "Where is Dr. Shue? I only schedule appointments when Dr. Shue is here." She said, "Dr. Shue is at another location; he wanted to spend more time with his grandkids." I asked, angrily, "Why wasn't I notified?" She said, lightly, "Oh, you'll like our new dentist," and I said, very deliberately, through gritted teeth, "NO, I WON'T" She looked at me in amazement. Gerald said, "No, she won't."

I can't believe that we weren't notified of the change. When Dr. Shue retired, he shut down his practice and began working two days a week at the clinic and I always scheduled appointments on a day he would be working!

TWO people I don't want to change: my dentist and gynecologist!


Dental Rush:

The act of brushing your teeth multiple times right before a dentist appointment.

Guy 1: You going to the dentist?

Guy 2: Yah, I had a dental rush this morning.


Daniel Efosa Uyi said...

Hey meh, I've been following your blog for almost 6 months now without leaving any comment so I decided to quickly say hi today.
Regards, Daniel from

Wilson Drake said...

“TWO people I don't want to change: my dentist and gynecologist!” – I agree. It’s difficult to change specialists that you have trusted for years. But maybe it’s really time for change. And who knows, the specialist that replaced your previous dentist might end up being better than the last one.

Wilson @ Family Dental Station