Monday, January 6, 2014


Twenty-one years ago, a couple attempted to sell their baby here in Washington Court House. My sister-in-law Sheila was made aware of the intended transaction and thwarted it by threatening legal action. I told them I would give them the money the woman had offered if they would not give away our flesh and blood because at that time, I thought the man was related to us; I later learned that he is not. The couple left town shortly thereafter. Although we knew of their whereabouts throughout the intervening years, we have had no contact. They kept the child, had another child, divorced, and have children by other mates.

Sheila and I often wondered if we had done the right thing by foiling their attempt to dispose of their child. Perhaps--probably--the child would have had a better life here in Washington Court House than the one she had traipsing across this country with those reprehensible people. I have also kept track of the woman who tried to buy the baby.

That child they tried to sell died last year at age 22. That is certainly a tragedy.

On Facebook, I see the writings from the couple commenting on the anniversary of their daughter's death and their great grief. How dare they be posting this hypocrisy?

What should I do about such phony sorrow? Les and Gerald suggest I just ignore it.

I tried just to leave it alone on Facebook and allow them to garner sympathy from other readers, because that was their obvious motive in publishing their supposed anguish but I posted the following: "Remember when Sheila changed your plan?"

Of course, they will surely "get" the enigmatic meaning! I have had no response. They probably did not know I have been tracking them on Facebook.

I don't have a word bad enough for these ghouls!

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Anonymous said...

This is so horrible; this had to be before I knew you. ML