Thursday, January 16, 2014


A friend used the phrase "Isn't that a hoot?" recently and we discussed how we so seldom hear it any more!

Some of my holiday reflections:

The criticism of the Obama family's card is ridiculous. I'm glad--and rather proud--that MY card from the President and his family does not recognize only ONE group and it's appropriate for all citizens of our country!

Elvis singing "glorious streams from heaven afar" when everybody else--and the sheet music--has "glories stream from heaven afar". Throughout the years I have listened to his singing that phrase and corrected it. Les quipped, "His phrasing isn't exactly Sinatra-esque, is it?"

The manufactured "plot" to keep people from saying "Merry Christmas". It's all political grandstanding and obvious lies. If you're a Christian, say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Christmas" (veddy, veddy, English and Charles Dickens-ish).

Even "Merry Xmas" is fine because Biblical scholars agree that early Christians used the "X" sign to identify themselves against those dreaded Romans, so that is ironic for those feeling persecuted today would be offended, don't you agree?

If you want to say "Happy Holidays", say it; after all, the word holiday is derived from "HOLY DAY". If you want to say "Seasons Greetings"; go ahead, it just takes more time!

If you're Jewish, say "Happy Chanukah", knowing full well that it was never a major event with the Chosen People until they had to compete with all that hubbub from the others! Pieces of chocolate gelt never compared with the presents the others were getting!

Let's not forget that the birth of Christ wasn't really December 25--by any scholar's calculation--but that date was in defense by the Christians against the Pagans and their glorious Saturnalia!

AHA! Back to Elvis' "glorious"!

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