Monday, February 24, 2014


A woman who reads my BLOG was having a conversation with her niece when she suddenly realized that she was possibly listening to a version of a story that was "almost like" my BLOG article "MORAL HIGH GROUND" (see here). After hearing details, she realized it was indeed the SAME story. My BLOG article details the unjustified and outrageous behavior toward me by a woman in the presence of her husband and young daughter. When my BLOG-reader first read my article, she had no knowledge of her niece's involvement, and she commented that "people like that should not have children".

Initially, the niece admitted--truthfully--to calling me a bitch, giving the finger, slapping her buttocks and telling me to kiss her ass, and using the "F" word, all in front of her child and husband. Her excuse was that I had given her a "nasty look" when she first turned around and saw me. That was totally untrue as I had been waiting patiently for her to move. She was clearly upset with her husband who had told her to move. After her initial insult to me, I DID criticize her vehemently for her reprehensible behavior in front of her child and I stood there--FIRMLY--rebuking her, as her husband continued to make her move away, as she was continuing her insults.

After the aunt showed my BLOG to her niece, some "backpedaling" began; the woman obviously had to try to save some face and told her aunt that I had "started it". As well as being a bully, the woman also tries to project onto others her own disgusting behavior. As I told the aunt, I wrote my version immediately after the incident and her niece was relying on her months-old recollections and the obvious desire to make herself look better!

The niece told her aunt that they had seen me in the same store the following week, but that they had shied away from me. They did not realize it, but I also saw them that day.

It was a wise decision for her to have stayed away from me; I'm a rather stubborn person; I would not have BUDGED that day either, and I wouldn't BACK OFF at any time; I will STAND MY GROUND--with GROUND PEPPER, that is--I don't have pepper spray in my purse, but perhaps I should have.

I might as well find humor in this. In the beginning, I thought it was hilarious that the BLOG reader knew the actual perpetrator, but after the acrimony which has followed, I had to "defriend" the aunt from Facebook and remove her from my BLOG followers.

Les keeps warning me that people might be "packing heat"!


Anonymous said...

Yes, she might have an AK47! ML

Arminta said...

Actually, Sue, my niece told me the story exactly as it happened before I EVER showed her the copy of your blog. She did NO backpeddling as her story did not change from what she told me originally, she simply pointed out the things you said that were embellished by you. Your comments to her were not only told by her, but by her young daughter, who heard the whole thing. So now you're not only accusing her of lying, after she told me the things she said, but you are also accusing my little great niece of lying as well. I knowy niece very well and I know you well too....and her story rings much more true than yours. Yes I commented based on your partially fabricated story where you made yourself sound like a victim. I showed her my comments too....and she and I both laughed about that because she is the mother of six absolutely wonderful children so I already know what kind of a mother she is and what kind of a person she is. ....a good one.