Saturday, February 22, 2014


I used the word "lorn" recently and Les asked, "Don't you mean forlorn?" I said, "I find lorn more poetic."

He answered, "OK, Little Dorrit!"

I asked, "Is that really from Little Dorrit?"

He answered, "Of course, do you think that I would resort to misquoting?"

I said, "How the Hell do you remember that; you said you don't like Dickens and only read Great Expectations because you HAD to for English literature!"

He said, "I never read it; I watched that damned Netflix movie you rented because Derek Jacobi was in it and they used the damned word!"

I am constantly amazed by our frames of references. On a recent Jeopardy!, the question was "Isak Dinesen". I screaked, "I KNOW it, I KNOW it!" Gerald and Les were waiting for my answer as I was saying: "Oh, Meryl played her in the movie Out Of Africa; she was a Baroness; uh, uh, I know it; it's ISAK DINESEN." Fortunately, I was able to get it out before the time limit.

Les laughed and said, "I can just see it if you were on Jeopardy!; you'd scream out that you know it and then give your convoluted method of answering!"

I should have read the book!

See the word "lorn" from Merriam-Webster:

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Anonymous said...

I still think you should be on Jeopardy!. ML